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Åviken Camping is located by the bay "Åvikefjärden!" 15 km from Örnsköldsvik's center. Enjoy a quiet and scenic location. You can stay in any of the three cottages we offer. A well-equipped large cabin (Stora-stugan) and two more simple cabins.
There are service building with toilets, showers, washing places and laundry.

No pets are allowed in the cabins.

The campsite's opening hours: June 1 to August 31. New guests should arrive before 22:00
Reception is not available but we always answer the phone 070-5353663 or 070-4696807

A sauna is down at the beach, and can be booked. NOTE! Reservation of the sauna exclude wood. Firewood can be bought for 70 SEK/bag.

8-bedded cottage, 3 bedrooms, two lofts + living room, kitchen-dining area,
separate wc and shower room, balcony/veranda, TV

2 + 2 beds, kitchenette, refrigerator, patio with shelter

2 beds, kitchenette, fridge with freezer compartment, terrace with barbecue.

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