Large older house with large areas. On the entrance level there is a large hall. Upstairs there is a kitchen with dining area and living room, a separate bedroom and a large living room with a total of 4 single beds. There is also a toilet with shower and WC.
Bedroom 1: floor two, separate with a single bed.
Bedroom 2: floor two with a total of 4 single beds
Bedroom 3: floor three, separate with 3 single beds
Bedroom 4: floor three, separate with 2 single beds

Number of bathrooms (with WC and shower): 2 (One bathroom with toilet and shower and one bathroom with a toilet)
Number of kitchens: 1
Distance to the nearest store: Around 10 km
Distance to the nearest restaurant: Around 10 km
Number of parking lots: 3-4


  • Waschmaschine
  • TV
  • Kühlschrank
  • Mikrowelle
  • Voll ausgestattete Küche
  • Gefrierschrank
  • Eigenes Gründstück
  • Kaffee-/Teekocher
  • Gartenmöbel
  • Garden

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