CBIS 305872
CBIS 305872

Bike trail - the High Coast

Explore the High Coast by bicycle on a 35-kilometer bike trail. The bike trail starts at the entrance to Sundbron the community Ullånger. If you have 3G or GPRS in your mobile is a mobile guide to the trail that marks the attractions along the way.
The trail passes four beautiful lakes and about a third of it follow the fish-rich Inviksån. There is plenty to see along the way, such as a well-preserved building from the late 1700's, catch pits, which are the oldest method of trapping for elk, outlook over beautiful seascapes, orchids, a very large and old spruce, community center and more.

Bath and rest area is at one of the lakes, at another rental of a floating raft and canoe and by river is calm and great fishing spots. Are you out at dawn or dusk, you can be lucky enough to spot moose, moreover, there are plenty of wildlife. The trail starts at the community and is approximately 35 km. The mobile guide takes you part of by entering www.ullanger.com / mobile in your mobile browser. Cell phone service works in some places along the trail.


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