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Bollsta Community House - Restaurant Klasson

Bollsta Community House has a long history of being a meeting and entertainment area for the locals of Ådalen.

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Stunden : Monday to friday: 10.30-14.30.


Lunch is served in the Restaurang Klasson.

Lunch buffé is 90 SEK/per person.
Inclusive drink, bread, butter, sallad, warm dishes as well as coffee, tea and something sweet.
Weekly menu can be found on the website.

The lunch becomes 81 SEK/per person, If you buy a booklet with lunch coupons.

Bollsta Community house has a conference and events area for 10 to 1000 people. There are different rooms with different sizes and characters. For example: Pubs, restaurants, a theatre and a big scene with a big round dancefloor. It hosts dances, conferences, exhibitions, galas, business events and big LAN events.

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