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Via Ferrata - Climbing for everyone - Four routes of varying difficulty
Det här företaget har GULD-medlemskap i Höga Kusten Turism och uppfyller högt ställda krav på sin verksamhet.

A unique adrenalin rush and a fantastic adventure in the High Coast World Heritage Site.

Here, everyone has the chance to experience
mountain climbing under the highest level of safety. No previous
climbing experience is necessary, and only normal levels of fitness are
required. Steel pegs and footholds have been fixed in place where
natural footholds are lacking. Several hundred very strong steel anchor
points have been drilled into Skule mountain’s 250 metre high east face
and 1300 metres of steel cable have then been pulled through these
anchor points.

The equipment you hire from us consists of a helmet, a harness and a
Y-shaped lanyard with two karabiners suitable for use on a Via Ferrata.
You climb the mountain by holding onto the steel cable.
Both karabiners should remain clipped to the cable whilst climbing,
except when passing past an anchor point, when you unclip and re-attach
only one karabiner at a time.

This is a real adventure for the whole family, a company, a school
class, a club or a group of friends! The White Route has been climbed by
people aged between 8 and 83! The routes are not designed for children
so they will need a considerable amount of help from safety-conscious
adults so that they can climb up, especially younger children.

May 1st - June 22nd & August 14th - October 31st: SEK 450
June 23rd - August 13th: SEK 565

NOTE! The booking is not restricted to a specific day. In the case of bad weather or if you are prevented from coming, you can choose another day. The ticket is valid for three years.


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