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Fort Kodiak

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The Fort Kodiak founder - Benny Wahlberg - greets and welcomes everyone to the wildest West in Västernorrland.
A western city "Fort Kodiak" is being built at Butjärn in Bjärtrå. Fur hunters camping ground Camp Ermine provides its visitors with grilling area, that has a view against mount Butjärn. Indian village, with its big camp fire, is a place to get together. On-site amenities include Hangman's Square: the square where you can compete against each other in the fort's five-fight in the shadow of the gallows. The Grizzly saloon with 30 seats has a wonderful primitive look. The Cimarron saloon with 60 seats and a unique western look has also been equipped with water closets for your convenience. The Donner-camp is a cozy barbecue area framed by the wagons. Overnight staying in wagons and Indian tents requires sleeping bags + mattress or similar.

We have the environment - you bring the imagination. Take the chance to experience Fort Kodiak and the Wild West as it should be experienced. Feel the history in a stunning natural setting.


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