Granvåg - Bo på lantgård

The farm is beautifully located closely to the Ångermannariver. Only 5km from Sollefteå.
A scenic view of the river-landscape, near nature-reservation and walking-trails. You will be staying at a renovated bakehouse, three rooms and a kitchen. There's bulls, sheep, chicken, ponies, dogs and cats. Very nice all year-round activities in the surrounding area. 5 beds.


  • Haustiere erlaubt
  • Gemeinsame Toilette
  • Gemeinschaftsküche
  • Sheets and towels can be rented
  • Kinder freundlich
  • Parkplatz
  • Rauchverbot
  • Selvhusholdning
  • Möglichkeiten zum Wäsche Trocknen (Wäscheleine)

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