Salsåker Herrgård - High Coast Manor
Salsåker Herrgård - High Coast Manor
Konferensrum Salsåker Herrgård - High Coast Manor

High Coast Manor - Salsåker Herrgård

Welcome to a unique and exclusive stay at Salsåker Mansion – The High Coast Manor.
The Mansion is located on a private island in the heart of the High Coast. A bridge connects the island with the mainland. From the island and the mansion, you have an incomparable view of the sea and the mountains.
The manor's unique atmosphere and location makes it possible for you to get the maximum out of your conferences. You have the whole of the manor and the island to yourselves.
The manor has 30 beds and a nearby villa has 8-10 beds.
Display space:
Possible display and trade fair spaces are available.
Good size parking place.

The conference hall: Around 40 people
Group room annex: 8 people
The lobby: 10 people
Music room: 8 people
TV-room: 12 people

- Wireless internet
- Projector in the conference hall, can be moved if needed
- Sound system in the dining room and in the glass veranda
- A whiteboard in the conference hall
- A flipchart in the conference hall
- Overhead in the conference hall
- Conference block and pens
- TV in the group room annex

- Access to a photocopy machine
- Possibility to make a videoconference
- A sauna
- A bar

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