Ice fishing

Test your fishing skills during the winter time. Here are a few of the popular fishing areas for ice fishing.

vinterfiske höga kusten

Test your fishing skills in the winter


Imagine skiing or taking a snowmobile out onto the ice, boring a hole and lowering a lure. Arctic Char are never easier to catch than when the ice has just formed and the water temperature has dropped. But before venturing out make sure you know how to stay safe on the ice. Test the ice by boring holes often, make sure you take ice spikes and a rope and never go out on the ice alone. Go onto the ice from jetties and avoid areas with lots of reeds or that are too shallow.


In the summer there are plenty of places to test your fishing skills, but here are a few of the popular fishing areas for ice fishing.

  • Nedre Moälvens FVO, Örnsköldsvik (fishing license here)
  • Björnsjö Leding FVO, Örnsköldsvik (fishing license here)
  • Bindböletjärn, Kramfors  (fishing license +46613-240 33)
  • Grössjön, Kramfors (fishing license +4676-811 71 10)
  • Norafjärden (sea, no fishing license required)
  • Gvalsjön, Örnsköldsvik (fishing license here)
  • Hinnsjön, Örnsköldsvik (information here)

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