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S2714 Järesta, Nordingrå

Close from the sea, surrounded by enchanting lakes, magnificent mountains and fabulously beautiful lakes is this charming and newly renovated red cabin.
Here you live in the middle of the idyll in a unique place and enjoy the tranquility and the unbelievably beautiful nature of UNESCO's world heritage, the High Coast.

One bedroom with 2 beds and 1 bed + 1 extra bed in living room. Small kitchen with fridge/freezer. Shower and waterless toilet in outhouse. No TV.

In this scenic area, a genuine archipelago environment is offered with exciting islands, picturesque fishing villages, and the popular sand & beaches and warm breezes. Here you will also find a variety of experiences, adventures and attractions for young and old, such as hiking, biking, golf, climbing, boat excursions and arts & culture.

You can also have short guided hiking tours with the landlord. Breakfast can be arranged on demand.

Around the cottage you can stroll and hike along any of the fine paths, take a swim in the lake, fish, barbeque or just enjoy the tranquility of the garden and the wonderful smells of summer.

A stay here creates memories for life! Welcome!


  • Haustiere erlaubt
  • Kabelloser Internetanschluss
  • Final cleaning can be purchased
  • Sheets and towels can be rented
  • WC
  • Dusche
  • Kühlschrank
  • Zwei oder mehr Schlafzimmer
  • Gefrierschrank
  • Aussen-Grill
  • Ugn
  • Seenähe
  • Kaffee-/Teekocher
  • Pentry
  • Separettoilette
  • Gartenmöbel
  • Bademöglichkeit
  • Mit dem Eigentümer geteiltes Grundstück
  • Garden

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