Villa Fraxinus Trädgård och Restaurang
Villa Fraxinus Trädgård och Restaurang
Villa Fraxinus visningsträdgård i Världsarvet Höga Kusten
The restaurant is a separate part of the show garden,Villa Fraxinus. Since it´s a summer restaurant there are multiple beautiful terrasses that are linked to the main building by a pergola.
The restaurant is built in 3 storeys. To enhance the connection with nature, schist are used as floor material. The supporting structure symbolizes pine trunks carrying the roof. A small stream of rippling water and the large green plants further enhaces the connection with nature. The menu is inspired by local groceries and specialties. We also serve well prepared food for those who are vegetarian. The downfloor of the restaurant, the terrass and toiletts are available for people in wheelchairs.


  • Angepasst für Körperbehinderte

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