About Höga Kusten Turism and Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling

I Höga Kusten jobbar Höga Kusten Turism som är ett företagarägt sälj- och marknadsbolag hand i hand med det offentliga bolaget Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling. Tillsammans arbetar de för att stärka besöksnäringen och öka antalet arbetstillfällen i destinationen.



Co-operation in the High Coast

The High Coast is not only a World Heritage Site but also a large area covering four municipalities - Örnsköldsvik, Sollefteå, Härnösand and Kramfors. All four parties are working together to ensure a positive future for the High Coast. Today, the High Coast is one of Sweden’s fastest growing tourist destinations.

Höga Kusten Turism AB is a sales and marketing company jointly owned by local businesses that has been working towards strengthening the tourism industry in the area since 2010. They are working on the presumption that the destination’s competitiveness is strengthened when individual companies work together. The head of Höga Kusten Turism AB is Anne-Marie Karlsson.

By their side is Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling AB which is a municipal-owned company that was formed in 2014 with the task of supporting the strategic development of the tourist industry in the High Coast region. CEO is Peter Holmqvist.

Together they are working towards doubling tourist numbers by 2025, and creating 800 new jobs starting in 2014.


Höga Kusten Turism AB
Anne-Marie Karlsson
+46(0)70-360 24 05

Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling AB
Peter Holmqvist
+46(0)70-696 64 32