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Beaver safari and fishing adventure with Ammi

Ammi Naturligtvis is offering a nice mix of activities this summer. Walk in powerful primeval woods, experience an adventure in beaverland or learn the fishers every trick.

A real beaver adventure
An experienced and knowing guide will be present during the safari and will tell you all about the beavers nesting, dams, pasture grounds and anatomy. This is a huge adventure that suits the whole family. Bonus in forms of surprises is guaranteed. If you're lucky you'll see our county animal, otherwise there's always the educational beaverbox wich includes skull, skin, dried paws and tail - everything to let you experience how it looks and feels. Exciting, educational and fun for all.

Childfriendly tour in Åkroken
we'll be hiking and traveling with car to visit different viewpoints where huge parts of Graninges beautiful nature with it's lakes and woods will capture and amaze. An experienced and knowing guide will follow you on the journey and tell you all about the wood and field and about the history of Graninge. A childfriendly tour wich also offers fishing time and refreshments. Combine with the beaver safari for the ultimate experience.

Hike in Vällingsjö primeval woods
A four hour long hiking in Vällingsjö primeval woods will offer a selection of 300 year old pinetrees, beautiful moss and lichens. Enjoy the wonderful view and see treefungus, orchids and other unusual plants when we hike the four kilometers long trail. An experienced and knowing guide will follow and tell you all about the woods and fields.
A less demanding hike can also be booked.

Fishing adventure for women
Treat yourself with a delightful experience and try some stream angling in Graninge. Learn yourself all about fishing and some more. Enjoy the peacefullnes and serenity. a knowing and experienced guide will be with you during this adventure. Feel the excitement and learn yourself this different fishing of wild and beautiful brook trout. You can borrow fishing rods but if you have a telescopically collapsible rod so bring it. You'll get beautiful nature as a bonus but don't forget the mosquito hat!

Catch Pit system in Åkroken
An exciting and educational hiking where we'll visit the county's oldest catch pit and listen to the knowing guide's interesting stories. This is a childfriendly tour wich offers refreshments and possibilities for a swim.
All experiences requires booking.
For booking and information contact Ammi: +46(0)70-204 20 84.


  • Disabled friendly
  • Pets allowed
  • WC
  • Child-friendly
  • Smoking not allowed