Vibyggerå Homestead Museum

Address: Vibyggerå Docksta Show map

Address: Vibyggerå Docksta

Vibyggerå Local History Society was formed in 1947.

On the ground floor there is a community hall. Moreoverthe building is in old style from the mid 1800's. The house is located directly adjacent to Vibyggerå old church. On the upper floor there is a dressing room with old clothes, a classroom and exhibition of old utility goods. The so called Westin room has also been set up. An exhibition of picture and text about Verner Westin buss AB. History from the start until it was sold a few years ago. The association also has a bakery house.

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    +46 (0) 613-402 26


  • Ferry
    Docksta 1 km
    Mjällomslandet 6 km
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    Mannaminne 15 km
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    Kramfors station 31 km
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    Naturkompaniet, Outlet 31 km