Canoeing along Nätraån river

Nätraån river is family friendly and easy to paddle. The river is 5km long and flows between Skorped and Sidensjö.

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It ususally takes about 2-3 days to paddle downstream.This part of Nätraån is organised with a number of overnight cabins and windbreaks. Inside the cabins there are bunks for sleeping and fireplaces.
From Skorped the river runs deep through woodlands with steep, sandy river-banks(nipor), but also through cultivated areas where the beaches are flat.
The river is ice-free some time between 20th of April and 15th of May, thereafter it is possible to paddle throughout summer.
In mid-July the water level is at the lowest so sometimes you might have to pull the canoe through some parts of the river. Myreforsen is not passable so here you need to carry the canoe a short distance. Örnsköldsvik municipality is responsible for the maintenance of the river.

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