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The church of Murberget


The church was built in 1925 to resemble a church dating back to the Middle Ages. Inside, the walls are decorated with beautiful lime paintings. The interior of the 18th century comes from different churches in the county.

Murberg Church is in the middle of the village of the open-air museum. It was built between 1925 and 1929 as a reconstruction of a medieval church and inspired by Hacka's church in Jämtland, as well as the churches of Ramsele, Alnö and Njutånger. Inside, the church is decorated with lime paintings by artist Gunnar Torhamn and conservator Oscar Svensson. The motives are borrowed from murals in several churches. Most of the decor is from the 1700s and comes from different congregations in Ångermanland and Medelpad.

The bell tower is Murberg's landmark. It originates from Ullånger's Middle Ages church where it was built in 1754. In connection with a rebuilding and extension of the church in 1907-09, the bell tower was revolved. It was rebuilt in 1913 at Murberget as the open-air museum's first building. In the pile one of the original church bells hangs from Ullånger, cast by G. Meyer in Stockholm in 1753. Murberg church has been canceled as church hall since 2010. You can book the Murberg Church for various ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and funerals, both church and civic. Contact Murberg reception, tel. 0611-886 10, [email protected]