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Dals church is a medieval church, presumably from the 1300s.

The oldest part of the church, during the catholic time, was consecrated to Sancta Agneta. Dals church has been under many renovations over the years.

At the beginning of 1800s, the main part of the building was extended with extra star vault. In year 1989-90 the old belfry was replaced with the present tower, which made the exterior of the church lose its medieval appearance.

Most of Dals church's inventory dates from 1700s. Baptismal font is believed to be a heritage from the chruchs birth at 1300s and was made of limestone from Gotland. The most valuable possessions are the pulpit and the lectern. During the restoration in 1989-90, the old decoration from 1700s was replaced with the new decoration from the 1900s.

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