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Docksta Havet AB


Piers at the harbor, the new building, which contains many marine facilities make Docksta Sea into a natural base for accessing the sea in a simple, direct and safe way in the heart of the High Coast.

It offers services to both sailors and those who make day trips, service building, locker rooms and laundry room, Sailor's Club House and a private parking National Society Gästhamnar Sweden (RGS) classificering:
Soritör: 5 Stars
Environment: 4 Stars.
Safety: 4 Stars
Pit-Stop (2 hours): 50sek. Today (from 09:00 to 18:00): 80sek, from arrival to at. 12:00 next day: 120sek, Weekend (Friday-Sunday): 240sek, Seven days: 600sek (Rates 2010)
Water: 35sek per night,
El: 35sek per night,
washing machine and dryer: 35sek/hour


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  • Dry opportunities
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