Experience winter without skis!

Experience winter without skis!

In the High Coast, you will find a range of winter activities that have nothing to do with skiing! Go for a winter hike in the national park, go ice-skating, try your luck at ice fishing or go for a ride on a dogsled.

långfärdsskridskor höga kusten vinter aktiviteter

Winter activities


Winter Hiking

For many, the High Coast is a place to go hiking. And it’s true – a lot of people come here for the fantastic scenery and the rich outdoor life. But hiking isn’t only a summer activity; hiking with or without snowshoes in the winter is an experience in itself. Winter hiking in Skuleskogen National Park is a fantastic option when the desire to go for a hike hits you hard in the colder months of the year. You can rent snowshoes if you want to make things a bit easier and so you can explore places far from the marked trails. Tips for suitable hikes for the winter months can be found here.



Rent snowshoes in the High Coast and explore nature far from the marked trails. Skuleskogen national Park or Skuleberget are perfect places for this. But make sure you don’t miss other places such as Ögeltjärnsberget and Balesudden Nature Reserve in Örnsköldsvik or Vårdkasberget in Härnösand. Snowshoes can be rented at Naturkompaniet i Själevad or via Friluftsfrämjandet i Härnösand (the Swedish Outdoor Association).

vinter snöskor höga kusten aktivititet vandring vintervandring

Nordic skating

A three-kilometre long trail is ploughed every winter on the ice on Bäckfjärden in Örnsköldsvik for the public to skate on. You can start at the beach Nyängets havsbad and Sommarhemmet. A smaller ice skating area for fun and games can also be found at Nyängets havsbad, plusa wind shelter and picnic area where you can barbeque or enjoy a packed lunch. You can find current information on ice conditions here.


Ice fishing

Imagine skiing or taking a snowmobile out onto the ice, boring a hole and lowering a lure. Arctic Char are never easier to catch than when the ice has just formed and the water temperature has dropped. But before venturing out make sure you know how to stay safe on the ice. Test the ice by boring holes often, make sure you take ice spikes and a rope and never go out on the ice alone. Go onto the ice from jetties and avoid areas with lots of reeds or that are too shallow.


In the summer there are plenty of places to test your fishing skills, but here are a few of the popular fishing areas for ice fishing.

Nedre Moälvens FVO, Örnsköldsvik (fishing licence here)

Björnsjö Leding FVO, Örnsköldsvik (fishing licence here)

Bindböletjärn, Kramfors  (fishing licence, +46(0)613-240 33)

Grössjön, Kramfors (fishing licence, +46(0)76-811 71 10)

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