Fisketur för nybörjare

Fishing excursion for beginners

Want to learn how to fish? Pick the right bait and method, take care of the fish, cook it over an open fire and enjoy the today's catch? On this fishing trip you get all this!

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On a fishing trip with Leif Johansson, you will learn enough to fish on your own and in any case catch something for the most part. You will also learn how to take care of the fish you catch and, as a highlight of the day, eat a real delicacy that you both caught and cooked.

There are many lakes in this area. Half a dozen that belong to the Resele fish conservation area. We choose the water that has the best conditions for the day. You will learn how to "read" the lake - see where the fish should be. And then choose the bait and method that works best.

Then you learn how to take care of the fish, fillets and clear. We guarantee that the result is worth the effort. A fillet with delicious wilderness flavor that we prepare over an open fire, on a stove or in a cast iron pan.

Number of persons: 2
Price: SEK 1695 per person. Lunch, boat and fishing equipment are included
Time: about 6 hours
Language: your guide speaks Swedish and English
When can you book? June, July, August

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