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Härnösand/Sågverket, STF Vandrarhem

Welcome to Sågverket – for meetings, good food and peace in Norrland. Sågverket is just north of Härnösand, at the start of Sweden’s High Coast, in the village of Rö. We are right next to the lake and what once was the Rö sawmill.

Here you can enjoy a peaceful stay if you that is what you’d like. But you can also have a more social time with friends, good food and entertaining music.

Solebo is open all year round, situated in the beautiful cultural district of Rö by Ångermanälven, 18 km north of Härnösand.

You stay with us on your terms and can decide what best suits your time and budget. Look at what we have to offer and choose what is best for you. Our hostel is focused on quality of life and well-being for all and we cooperate closely with the disabled persons’ association “Gå och Bada”. The hostel is partially adapted for persons with disabilities and there are many activities on offer.

*Health and fitness*
We are not a health resort but we offer a fitness, leisure and rehabilitation programme with special meals, counselling and training programmes for those who need it. We have a variety of packages which are largely all-inclusive.

Our restaurant seats around 50 people and is pleasant, fresh and spacious, located in a cultural building from the sawmill period.
Suitable for weddings, business dinners, company parties and birthday celebrations.
We are open daily from 15 June to 31 August, at other times of the year for pre-booked guests and groups.
For special events, we can extent opening hours.
We belong to the association Regional Culinary Heritage, a quality label for restaurants with a common vision and desire to serve locally produced – and well-prepared – meals. As our guest, you deserve the best! The fact that we are conscious of our country’s food culture only enhances this principle.

We are fully licensed and only serve organic and KRAV-labelled wines.

In the summer we have tables outside on the lawn, seating a further 60 people and a greenhouse which acts as a country café from June to September.
A mini Rosendal in where we have space for 100-120 people for musical evenings, weddings and seminars.