Steep adventures - Top 5 climbing areas

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Steep adventures - Top 5 climbing areas

Climbing areas high coast via ferrata


Challenge yourself on a sheer mountain face. Here is a selection of some of the High Coast’s beautiful climbing areas.


Skuleberget's Via Ferrata offers a unique adrenaline kick and a fantastic adventure in the middle of the High Coast. There are four climbing routes in place on the mountain’s sheer eastern face. Climb the cliffs secured safely onto a steel cable that is firmly attached to the mountain. Where natural steps are absent, steel footholds have been put in place.
One of Sweden’s best climbing areas can be found at Ringkallen. The large talus pile on the south side of the diabase mountain Ringkallen is one of Sweden’s most beautiful climbing areas. Popular routes have been named "Sista marängen", “ AT-läkaren” and “Jerry vad gör du?”. It's all free climbing here with no fixed routes – it’s technically demanding and not suitable for beginners.
Rösåsberget, west of Örnsköldsvik, is a classic climbing mountain. Its 120 vertical metres and 35 routes up can offer a real challenge. Suitable for experienced climbers.
Örsjöberget, or Örsjöklippan as it is also called, offers fantastic climbing and bouldering plus a breathtaking 360-degree view from the top. Routes between 5-20 metres.
Grottberget in Härnön in the southern part of the High Coast has a series of small, varied cliffs ranging from 10-20 metres in height. The location is beautiful with views over the entire High Coast. In addition to the climbing routes, there are also several boulders suitable for trying your hand at.

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