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Mjältön 236

price from 795

Adventure on the highest island in Sweden

Exciting hike in the wilderness of Mjältön.
Caves, breathtaking mountain formations shaped by the ice sheet and ancient ocean. Enchanting woods and lovely sand beaches.

The top of the Bastuto mountain provides an amazing view of the High Coast.

Learn how to start a fire, and the luch will be cooked over the open fire at an old hill farm or by a nice beach.

5 - 7 hours. Boat journeys to-and-fro Veåsand-Mjältön
Hiking approximately 7km over mountains, beaches and in woods.
6 - 9 people
What to bring:
Clothes and shoes appropriate for hiking, and adapted for weather conditions. A jacket is recommended for the boat ride.
A small backpack containing swimwear, towel, a waterbottle and some snacks.