Myregårdens uteservering


Restaurant and rural café at the edge of the Ångermanriver.

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  • Det goda livet
  • Family
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  • Food & Drink
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Suggested visit length: <1 timme

Opening Hours : Only open during summer.

  • Free parking


Delicious food and a beautiful view of the Ångermanriver is what makes Myregården such a popular destination. Open six days a week during summer, and they offer both food and refreshments. The menu changes over time, , but there is always one meat-dish and one fish-dish. During the weekends ,if the weather permits it, they will be serving Myregårdens barbecue-buffet.
You can book a place in advance.
There's a fleamarket at the old barn.
Only open during summer, but you can order catering or book table for larger groups.

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