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Nordingrå Hembygdsgård


In the summer at Hembygdsgården in Nordingrå you will find a Summer café with sandwiches, pastries, waffles and more.

Flax exhibition. It originally comes from Sörle and has even been used as a mill, a potato cutter, homespun stamp and shingle machine.
In the facilities there is a coffee house, a bakery and a blacksmith that is a part of a long barn in Västervallto.
The association has set up a festival area that holds up to 300 people.
At the drive way to the area you can see a guard house from Själand.
Finally, the association owns a boatswain cottage that belonged to Järesta / Fröste. It is located west of Vedasjön.
We are open daily during July. Display of homestead can be arranged. There is a café where you can have coffee, tea, soft drinks, pastries and sandwiches. There is also waffels and ice-cream available.