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Norrfällsvikens Hotell & Konferens

We have capacity for up to 150 conference guests and designing the program according to your wishes. Norrfällsviken is surrounded by magnificent nature furthest out at the coast. Here it is as beautiful in spring and summer such as autumn and winter.
We have options that suits you - from the little room with a personal touch to the large effective. All accessories such as PC-projector, big screen TV and wireless internet is available.

After a conference in Norrfällsviken nobody wants to go home and sleep. With us, becomes the extremely important evening talking and socializing a cornerstone of the conference itself. We have cabins for three to six people with three bedrooms and a large living room. In the hotel section is seven fine hotel rooms with double rooms - a total of 14 beds. At the hostel Kustgården, we offer two-to six-bed rooms.

Exhibition Opportunities
Opportunity for exhibitions and fairs is available in Main dining room and conference room.

Facilities for disabled
Handicap ramp and toilets.

Very large parking for both buses and cars.

Three conference rooms with 20, 40 and 80 seats.

- Wireless Internet
- Projector
- Sound system
- Whiteboard
- Flipboard
- TV
- Overhead
- Conference Block & Pens
- Photocopier
- Video conferencing possibilities
- Sauna
- Bar

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