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S2701 Främmerveda, Nordingrå

This is a great base for exploring Nordingrå, The heart of High Coast World Heritage. At this cottage you live comfortably and beautifully with sauna and views of the lake.
The cottage consists of two large rooms, one bedroom/family room with four beds. The other room is a large room with kitchen and sofa bed. The neighborhood is quiet and beautiful with mountains and valleys. In the nearby lake you also have access to a boat. Past the lake, which is known by locals as "Nordingrås warmest lake" is the hiking trail "High coast trail". If you visit this cottage in the late summer/fall you can warm yourself up in front of the fireplace.

Electric heating, fireplace, stove, hot and cold water, sink, toilet, shower, fridge/freezer, microwave and radio/TV.

In Nordingrå you can experience everything that is typical of the High Coast. Here, it's never far to a mountain view, rubble fields, fishing village, oceans, islands and former bays. Outside the coastline lies the peculiar lighthouse island Högbonden which today serves as a hostels and garden cafe (www.hogbonden.se). You should not miss Rotsidan and Skvalpudden which are both extremely beautiful nature reserve by the sea.

But besides all the sights and remarkable natural phenomenon, there is also much to do. There are many fine beaches, both at sea and on inland waters. In Bönhamn (www.bonhamnkajak.se) and on Lappudden (www.lappudden.se), you can rent kayak's and on Lappudden you can also rent bicycles. In Norrfällsviken you will find both a 18-hole golf course and miniature golf (www.norrfallsvikensgk.com). In Mädan you can enjoy horseback riding (www.madanislandshastar.se) and at Ringkallen Farm there are organized tours for groups with a bit more riding experience. Probably the most beautiful garden Villa Fraxinus is located in Nordingrå and is well worth a visit.


  • Pets allowed
  • Bedding for rent
  • TV
  • WC
  • Shower
  • Refridgerator
  • Micro wave
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Freezer
  • Grill
  • Terrace
  • Child-friendly
  • Access to boat
  • Close to lake
  • Coffee/Tea maker
  • Garden furniture
  • Bathe possibilities
  • On owners ground

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