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Snowmobile safari in Höga Kusten

In the High Coast inland there are hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails. Join us for a relaxing and exciting snowmobile tour in the beautiful snow-covered winter landscape.

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  • Guided included


Our snowmobile excursions take place on excellent snowmobile trails, which even unskilled drivers can handle. We provide complete equipment with scooter overalls, shoes, gloves and helmet. With the tour you will of course have at least one knowledgeable guide who finds in the huge maze of trails.

We organize a snowmobile safari from a few hours' trip to several days of overnight stays in tents.
Combine snowmobile safaris with ice fishing or wood-burning sauna with ice-bath.

If you want to offer a different welcome you can go scooter directly from the airport to Örnsköldsvik! The optimal activity when you get a foreign visit!

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