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Far south of the High Coast World Heritage Site, outside the coast of Nora, north of Hemsön, is one of the High Coasts´ most interesting geological sites with scenic surroundings and steep rock formations in the shape of 40 m high diabase cliffs on aged sandstone.

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The only way to get to the nature reserve Storön (about 300 ha) is by boat with no protected harbor. Best place for disembarkation is the Nyhamnen, however it is not recommended as a night harbor. The bottom consists of fractured rock and clay. The risk is great that the anchor gets stuck for good in the fractured rock. Attach therefore an extra rope to pull in the anchor crown.

There are mooring rings on the southeast side of the island at Hålmalen, as well as campsites with shelters, place for a campfire and an overnight hut. All through the trails you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

At the northern end of the place, which is now a lake, you can see the grounds after the centuries old fishing village Gammhamn, which was abandoned in the 1870s due to the land uplift. There were at most twenty fishing huts. Out on the island, people have been fishing herring and salmon since the middle ages. On the southwest side of the island, Nyhamnen was built with a separate cooking house and some ten boathouses. Today there are only a few buildings remain. The fishing village was ravaged by a fire in the early 1900s.

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