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Torsåker church is probably consecrated to St. Olof. The building had in the oldest stage in the 1200s, a Romanesque design, which consisted of a nave among other things.

During the 1400s expanded the chancel and the church was extended to the west. At the same time the church was equipped with two stellar vaults of brick. A short time later the floor and wall was fitted with fresco paintings. The church painter is unknown. Models set found in the the richly illustrated picture Bible Biblia Pauperum (the poor bible) and legends.

To the church's oldest interior design includes several medieval wooden sculptures. One of them is the Madonna sculpture from the late 1200s.

On June 1, in 1675 there was a terrible drama in this church. After a sermon received the 71 sentenced to death the last supper. They were all accused of witchcraft and sorcery. At the place of execution waited two executioners, chutes logs and bonfires. When everything was over, every fifth woman in Torsåker was executed.