Tulip Bulb Hotel
Tulip Bulb Hotel

Tulip Bulb Hotel

Farm Backsjön is the most northern Tulip bulb grower in the world, so came the idea to build a tulip bulb to live in, surrounded by nature!

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  • Det goda livet
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  • Environmentally friendly

  • Free parking


Windows in all directions, the nature surrounds you. With a little bit luck you even can see the northern lights from you bed from September till April. This tulip bulb is unique, and so you will feel yourself by enjoying this space. In the morning we will come to you with a great breakfast in your room or outside, where you can wake up relaxed and enjoy the view. Every day the nature looks different! Toilet and shower is in a separate building close by. Beside the tulip bulb is a special kitchen to experience the nature even more... We will ask for a deposit of 1000 kr with arrival for eventual damages during your stay. Are you getting exited for this experience?

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