Fraxinus Höga Kustens visningsträdgård
Fraxinus Höga Kustens visningsträdgård
Länets vackraste trädgårdar ligger i Hyndtjärn, Salsåker, Nordingrå. I besöksträdgården samverkar byggnadernas arkitektur med landskapsarkitekturen.
Villa Fraxinus is a display garden where the architecture shapes the landscape, which in turn shapes the architecture.This house in Hyndtjärn is an inspirational piece of paradise in full bloom – a perfect fusion of nature and architecture. The grounds are constructed around several different themes. It also has a restaurant.
The villa has a low profile with dark brown color in order to fuse with the spruce forest around. The surfacing all around the villa is made ​​of granite that gives the feeling of the existing mountains goes on throught into the garden and into the villa. The flooring inside the conservatory is made of slate. The conservatory connects the southern part of the garden with the northern part.

Symbolically water from Ullångersfjärden has been taken for the construction of several dams that extends from the north side of the villa, through and further to the south side. Similar measurements have been taken for the vegetation called "walk with", so it would flow through the villa into the conservatory. Great care has been taken to establish the feeling of walking through one garden to the another without disturbance.

More than half of the garden, as well as the restaurant and the toilets are accessible with a wheelchair.


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