World Heritage Bus in the High Coast

Our World Heritage Bus is contributing towards a more sustainable destination and will help you have a better hiking experience this summer.

During the period June 26 to August 15, the World Heritage Bus is a convenient way to get to Skuleskogen National Park. The bus runs several times each day between FriluftsByn, the Naturum Visitor Centre at the foot of Skuleberget, Veåsand (Skuleberget Havscamping) and the South and West Entrances of Skuleskogen National Park. If you bring your own car to the area, you can leave it free of charge at the car park by the Naturum Visitor Centre and take the bus to the national park from there – the ride takes about 20 minutes.


World Heritage Bus Timetable 2021

Timetable for summer 2021 at Skuleberget. The bus runs everyday during the period June 26 – August 15, 2021. Download as PDF.

Kustladan 08:10 08:55                      
Busshpl E4:an Docksta 08:13 08:58                      
FriluftsByn 08:20 09:03 09:45         14:35 15:30   16:50   18:15
Skuleberget - Naturum Höga Kusten 08:30   09:50   11:05 12:35 13:50 14:45   16:05   17:30  
Veåsand 08:33   09:53   11:08 12:38 13:53 14:48   16:08   17:33  
Skuleskogen National Park South 08:50   10:10   11:25 12:55 14:10 15:05   16:25   17:50  
Veåsand 09:05   10:25   11:40 13:10 14:25 15:20   16:40   18:05  
Skuleberget - Naturum Höga Kusten 09:10 09:10 10:30 10:30 11:45 13:15 14:30 15:25   16:45 16:55 18:10  
Skuleskogen National Park West   09:25   10:45   13:30     15:45   17:10   18:30
Skuleberget - Naturum Höga Kusten   09:40   11:00   13:45     16:00   17:25   18:45
FriluftsByn   09:45         14:35 15:30   16:50     18:50
Busshpl E4:an Docksta                   16:53     18:52
Kustladan                   16:55     18:55
karta världsarvsbussen

Take a daytrip on the High Coast Bus


New for this year is that it is now even easier to take daytrips. Take the bus from FriluftsByn, Naturum Visitor Centre or Veåsand (Skuleberget Havscamping) to the West Entrance of the national park and take a dayhike to the South Entrance where you can jump on the bus again, or do the same hike in the other direction starting at the South Entrance. Start and finish your day at accommodation at FriluftsByn or Skuleberget Havscamping at Veåsand – so easy!

If you want to go for a multiday hike in the national park, you can still use the bus to get there. Leave your car at the free car park by the Naturum Visitor Centre at Skuleberget and take the bus from there to one of the park’s entrances. Hike for two or three days in the park and then take the High Coast Trail (Section 8) back to Naturum to pick up your car.

elminibuss skuleskogen

Elminibuss till Skuleskogens Nationalpark

Det enklaste och miljövänligaste sättet att ta dig till Skuleskogens Nationalpark från Örnsköldsvik är att boka resa med elminibussen. Den rymmer 8 passagerare och går en gång per dag mellan Örnsköldsvik, Entré Nord vid Skuleskogens Nationalpark, Naturum Höga Kusten vid Skuleberget, Friluftsbyn samt Entré Syd vid Skuleskogens Nationalpark.

Plats på bussen bokas och betalas i appen Freelway, som kan laddas ned gratis till telefonen. Elbussen är en så kallad anropsstyrd trafik som går enligt tidtabellen om det är någon som bokat plats. Det är också möjligt att skicka en förfrågan om transport till Höga Kusten på andra tider än de planerade rutterna. Mejla då till: [email protected].


Tidtabell och information   

Important information regarding parking at the South Entrance to the national park

* Parking officials will be at the car park at the South Entrance to the park and at the temporary car park next to the E4 at Naturum Visitor Centre. The car park at the South Entrance has room for 120 cars and during July between 10am to 4pm it gets full quickly. Once it is at capacity, the parking officials at Naturum will be informed, so please check in with them and consider parking there and taking the bus to the park instead.

Tips! Go for a hike in the afternoon or in the evening. It can be a magic experience. After 4pm the visitors in the national park is decreased and it's a good idea to pick this time for your hike.


Safe and secure visit

It is important for us that your visit to the High Coast is as safe and secure as possible and all around the destination you will see our message on how together we can help reduce the virus spreading and take care of each other. You can read more here about how we are working to make the High Coast a safe and secure destination for you.

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