CBIS 4874584
CBIS 4874584

The world heritage The High Coast

The High Coast has a world record in land uplift!
Here is the world's highest coastline, 286 meters above sea level and the nature is unique with its high mountains, deep valleys, forests and seas. Learn all about the world heritage and admire the views from Skuleberget's top while you enjoy good food.

The trip starts with a drive to Skuleberget, a famous landmark with a dramatic profile. At the foot of the mountain lies Naturum Höga Kusten, with its exhibitions and information about the World Heritage Site of the High Coast. Here you can learn more about why the High Coast was designated as World Heritage Site of Unesco in 2000.

Then you continue to the south side of Skuleberget, to the Höga Kusten Liften (cable car lift), for a nice nature experience on the way up to Skulebergets top.

When you arrive at the top it's time for coffee/food at the restaurant Friluftsbyns Toppstuga and time to admire the magnificent view.

The price includes:
Trip with cable car lift top the top and back down
Value check of 150 SEK to use for coffee/food at the restaurant Friluftsbyns Toppstuga

Bus trip is not included.

The lift is closed in case of bad weather for safety reasons.
The lift is open every day from 11:00 to 17:00.

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