High Coast Trail (Högakustenleden)

Walk the High Coast trail and you'll get the opportunity to experience some of the world heritages absolute treats. It will take you through beautiful woodlands, mountains with stunning views, rocky coasts, bays and protected nature areas. Moreover, there are several activities, detours and experiences to discover and try along the trail.

High Coast Trail extends between Hornöberget at the end of Ångermanälven and central Örnsköldsvik. The trail is well marked with orange paint on trees and poles. In addition, there are signpost with distances statements or directional arrows with the High Coast Trail symbol at crossroads and trail branches. The shelters and unlocked cabins that are available along the trail is at the wanderer's available and can not be pre-booked. You can also not exclude other visitors. Most of the accommodations, such as hotels, hostels and guest houses are bookable online here at www.hogakusten.com. In Örnsköldsvik, Kramfors and Härnösand  you find tourist offices that are open all year round. During the summer, the tourist offices at Hornöberget and Nordingrå are open.

Sections: The High Coast Trail is 128.6 km long and is divided into 13 sections. The different sections has been made so that, in principle, within each stage there is at least one overnight accommodation under roof, from open and public cabins to hostels and hotels. Every end of the sections are also accessible by car. The possibility of permanent parking can, however, be limited. The different sections can help your planning and organization for the trek. However, it is not something you are bound to follow. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of interesting side trips and activities to take part in on or near the High Coast Trail which can make some sections take longer times than others.  If you want to make some comments about the trail and its condition, maybe even urgent action needs, please contact us on +46 (0)613-700 200.

Each section has a brief description of some sights and provided "basic services" that are directly or closely adjacent to the trail. A new hiking guide of the trail is available to order here at www.hogakusten.com or to be purchased at one of our tourist offices.

Below you can read more and see an overview map of each stage.

We wish you a pleasant hike.

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Hk leden
utsikt slåttdalsskrevan