CBIS 6242144
CBIS 6242144
The old wind shelter was a fine timber construction, but the roof was broken and the lower logs were about to rot. To save materials and take the environment in consideration, we chose to integrate the still functioning parts of the shed into our building. Therefore, it is a mix of new and old materials and techniques.
Location: Kulberget, Lövvik
Co-ordinates: 62.811856, 18.047801
Construction year: 2018

We have worked with the qualities that already exists at the old wind shelter and tried to improve the defined qualities through our intervention.

We want the visitor to move smoothly over the wind shelter and into a view above the tree tops. The view has been one of the most important things for us to take care of.

One of our biggest challenges has been the transportation of things up to the mountain. Planning a building that can be lifted in modules by helicopter and then with our own power be assembled and fixed have taken a lot of time.

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