Why the High Coast of Sweden?

Why the High Coast of Sweden?

Here are some of our highlights offering you a smörgåsbord of breathtaking natural experiences.

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Reasons to choose the High Coast


Why do so many people have the High Coast on their bucket list? If you are not sure, read on! Here is what travel consultants need to know about the High Coast, from world-unique nature and possibly one of the best outdoor life of Sweden to nature architecture and traces from the past.

#1 Europe's largest Via Ferrata climbing wall

Yes, that's right. Europe’s largest Via Ferrata has been built in the best possible location on the High Coast – the eastern face of Skuleberget. The 250-metre cliff face offers a safe and exciting climbing adventure for everyone from beginners to experienced climbers. Choose between four adrenaline-filled climbing routes that will take you up to the restaurant Toppstugan, or hike the easier route from Naturum Visitor Centre via the cave Kungsgrottan to the top. All the equipment you need is available on site.

Via Ferrata

#2 The High Coast is home to Sweden's most beautiful island

Trysunda is Sweden’s most beautiful island, according to island-lover Anders Källgård who wrote the book “Sveriges öar” (The Islands of Sweden). The island has many lovely bays and a beautifully preserved old fishing village and offers relaxing sandy beaches, beautiful hiking trails and scenic viewpoints. This is where summer mornings are best spent.

Trysunda fishing village


#3 Art Valley

A generous donation that became a fantastic art treasure – the High Coast Art Valley is a valley with both interesting art and spectacular nature – not to mention plenty of outdoor experiences. The heart of it all is the art and nature park Herrgårdsparken in Köpmanholmen.


High Coast Art Valley

#4 Nature Architecture

Nature and architecture meet everywhere, which is the foundation for Arknat, the Scandinavian Architecture Festival where architecture students from all over Scandinavia are invited to seminars, workshops and to design and construct wind shelters in the High Coast. Visiting them is an experience in itself.

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Arknat The Tree Cube Höga Kusten

ArkNat, The Tree Cube

#5 Traces from the past

Nämforsen waterfall, by the Ångermanälven River in Näsåker, is one of the largest single rock carving sites in northern Europe. There are about 2 600 carvings preserved here, and the oldest are thought to be 6 000 years old. A museum has been built close by with fascinating exhibitions, including a children’s museum where youngsters can experience how life once was in the High Coast region.

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