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Det här företaget har BRONS-medlemskap i Höga Kusten Turism och uppfyller högt ställda krav på sin verksamhet.

Welcome to Älvturen. We take you on a boat trip along the Ångermanälven river.
Our tours
All tours starts from Kramforsviken in Kramfors except Lustturen - Högakustenbron. The tours take approx. 2,5-3 hours.
Lustturen - Sandöbron
Departs Wednesdays at 13.00 from Kramforsviken.
We take you on a tour downstream towards Sandöbron bridge and around the Sandö island.
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Lustturen - Högakustebron
Departs Thursdays at 13.00 from Hornö brygga in Nyadal.
We take you on a tour under the High Coast bridge and around small islands in Lövvik and Norafjärden bay.
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Departs Saturdays at 11.00 from Köja ångbåtskaj towards Kramfors and back at 15.00
We revive an old tour and go to Kramfors as they used to do a long time ago.

Food and drinks are served on board. Picnic can also be arranged. We have full rights.


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