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Frequently asked questions

Feeling confused? We have put together some of the most common questions from our visitors before and during their visit in the High Coast.

How do I get around in the High Coast?

You can use public transport to get to the larger centres and attractions in the area but if you want to discover the best the region has to offer you should travel by car. Find out more about getting around the region by clicking here.


How do I get to the island of Ulvön?

You can take one of the many ferries that travel between the mainland and Ulvön. Höga Kusten-båtarna departs from Ullånger, Docksta and Mjällom while Örnsköldsviks Hamn & Logistik departs from Köpmanholmen. Read more about Ulvön here.


Can i swim, hike, bike, and roam around wherever i want in the High Coast?

Yes, pretty much! When you move about in the Swedish nature, generally The right of Public Access (Allemansrätten in Swedish) applies. This law is unique to Sweden and protects every person’s right to move freely and enjoy nature. It allows you to walk on privately owned land, swim in privately owned waters and to pick wild flowers, mushrooms and berries. This law is one of the reasons why Sweden is such an attractive hikers destination. Nevertheless, there are rules to be aware of and to follow; you are not allowed to harm land or property, you are not allowed to pick protected flowers and plants, you are not always allowed to light a fire and let your dog run free. For more detailed information on what you can and can not do, visit this site.


Where do I search for accommodation in the High Coast?

Here! At www.hogakusten.com, the official visitors guide to the High Coast, you can find a lot of options for accommodation. Get in touch with us if you need any help!


Where can I rent kayaks or canoes?

You can rent canoes at Lappuddens Friluftscenter or at Sollefteå Camping. Kayaks are available to rent at Bönhamn Kajak, Friluftsbyn, Lappuddens Friluftscenter and Hemsö Kajak. You can read more about paddling in the High Coast here.


Where can I rent a bike?

You can rent a bike at Sollefteå Camping, Lappuddens Friluftscenter and Resklara. You can read more about biking in the High Coast here.


How do I get to the High Coast Trail starting point?

The High Coast Trail can be hiked in both directions which means there are two starting points, Hornöberget and Örnsköldsvik. At the starting point at Hornöberget there is a large parking lot where you can leave your car during the hike, at no charge. It's also possible to go there by bus. Bus no. 50 from Härnösand or Örnsköldsvik stops right at the start. You can search for bus timetables at DinTur. The starting point in Örnsköldsvik is located at the main square and is easy accessible by car, train or bus.

GPS-coordinates to the starting point at Hornöberget and Örnsköldsvik.


Where can I stay and eat along the High Coast Trail?

There are cabins you can sleep in along the trail. They are free to stay in and are open to all hikers. Most of them have a barbeque area close by. There are also hostels, hotels and lodges along the way plus several grocery stores where you can replenish your supplies. You can plan your hike around them so you can buy fresh food regularly. Click here to find information on accommodation and grocery stores along the trail.


I would like to order a hiking guidebook, how can I do that?

The High Coast Trail hiking guidebook can be ordered here.


I would like to order maps and brochures, how can I do that?

You can order a map and a magazine (swedish) from www.sverigeturisten.se. If you require something else, please contact us.


Can I pitch my tent wherever I want in the High Coast

You can pitch your tent almost everywhere in the region, just make sure you don’t disturb your surroundings. There are restrictions in place in some nature reserves and in the Skuleskogen National Park you can only tent in specified areas.


I have two days to go on a hike, where should I go?

If you want to go on a hike in the region but not hike the entire trail, sections 8-10 might be a suitable option. This stretch starts at Skuleberget and takes you through Skuleskogen National Park to Köpmanholmen. From there, you can take a bus back to Skuleberget.

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