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Cabins and rooms at Lappudden-High Coast Outdoor Center

Outdoor Centre Lappudden is a quiet and child-friendly facility with rental cottages and rooms, beautifully situated by the lake Vågsfjärden in Nordingrå

Lappudden is spectacularly situated with magnificent views of Vågsfjärden and is a way point along the High Coast Trail. The location is perfect for family reunions, corporate events, conferences, wedding parties, school camps, etc. Rental of wood-fired outdoor hot tub and sauna, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, bicycles and fishing equipment. Café during summer.
Accessible: 2 x 5-bed cabins, shower and WC for these in a separate building.

Blanket, pillow and mattress available.
Four toilets and four showers in the service facility and dishwashing room with hot and cold water.

2-bed cabins with shower and wc: 1
4-bed cabins with shower and WC: 4
5 bed houses with shower and WC: 2
All cottage has a kitchenette with hob and fridge.

Price 2-bed cabin with shower and WC: 350 EUR / day.
Price 4-bed cabins with shower and WC: 550 EUR / day.
Price 5-bed cabins with shower and WC: 650 EUR / day.

The annexe: 2 smaller 4-bed apartments with communal shower and toilet. 700 SEK / night and the apartment.

Härbret: 3 large rooms with a total of 14 beds. Toilet and shower are in the service facility. Kitchenette with summer water. Each 400 SEK / night.

Forest Hut: 4 beds, without electricity 400 SEK / night.

Extra bed in cabin 50 SEK / day.
Tent: 180 SEK / day, access to the service building.

2.5 km to the center, grocery store and restaurant.
1 km to the bus stop.


  • Kinder freundlich
  • Haustiere nicht erlaubt