Femöringen Stranden
Utsikt Mjältön
Mjältön - toppen


On Mjältön, which is the highest island in Sweden, 236 metres over the ocean, you will find the guest port Baggviken.

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  • Sauna

Hamndjup: 1-3 m

Mooring: ankare svaj

Port fee: Yes


It is possible to take a shower with tempered water from the tarn. You can also use the sauna that is situated there. Access to outdoor privy. Fresh water is available from a spring. There is also a bridge with three places towards the mainland. If you visit Mjältön you should walk up to the top and enjoy the view. The path up to the top is about 2 kilometres long. You can also walk 1,3 kilometres south of Baggviken to a nice sand beach called Baggsand.

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