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Bärtrå Bed & Breakfast

Welcome to Bjärtrå Bed & Breakfast in Bjärtrå. Close to the scenic High Coast-bridge and close distance to most there is to experence in the High coast area.
The house has two floors, located on a smal hill with a beautiful view over the lake.

On the lower floor you will find the kitchen, dining room and a living room with a sofa, tv, tiled stove and also access to borrow games to play on a nice evening. On the upper floor you will find another living room, family room. two dubble room and a single bed room, There you will also find bathroom and access to a fridge.

In the house you can find a sauna with a view over the Ångermanriver. It is posible to borrow bikes at the house. We can also arrange a packed lunch that you can take with you on diverse adventures and experiences.

More about Bjärtrå Bed and Breakfast can be found on their own website.

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