Das Automuseum in Härnösand
Das Automuseum in Härnösand

Das Automuseum in Härnösand

Das Automuseum (Härnösands Bilmuseum) ist das größte seiner Art in Schweden. Dort sind über 200 Autos sowie Dampfloks, Motoren, Motorräder und Feuerwehrautos ausgestellt.

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A dream garage at home was not enough. Calle Lundkvist is a term in Härnösand, whether or not you are car-interested. The landlord, car mechanic and the foreman who started with packs are today large-scale property owners. At home he has built the dreamhouse but the motorist interest is bigger than that. He began to visit Sweden's entire motor museum. He picked up and traveled through Sweden. A vagabond in work pants sleeping under a chapel on the flak at night and going to a car house on the days. No, he's anything but stupid. He's just that, the worker boy who worked sixteen-hour days a whole life. Calle saw, learned and reflected. Now, the car museum is called Calles in Härnösand.
- 101 vehicles will be, he says.

Mr. Lundkvist likes Americans and a whole hall of vig for these cars, but he also likes the vehicles that used to drive our streets and squares. The fifties, fifty, sixties and seventies will be streamlined.
"Here is East Berlin with Trabants and the raging wall," says Calle.