Norrfällsviken med Fiskarfänget
Norrfällsviken med Fiskarfänget
Lekpark i Norrfällsviken
Norrfällsviken med Fiskarfänget i bakgrunden

Det här företaget har BRONS-medlemskap i Höga Kusten Turism och uppfyller högt ställda krav på sin verksamhet.

In the old fishing village Norrfällsviken, dating back to the 1600´s, is the resturant Fiskarfänget located. The resturant is located in a boathouse in the harbour of Norrfällsviken and is a popular place. They serve both coffee, lunch and a la carte. You can also buy fish.
Café, pub and karaoke nights. Accessible: Toilet and resturant on the same floor.

Distance to center: 6 kilometers
Distance to busstop: 20 meters.
Non-smoking outdoor area.

Telephone: +46(0)613-211 42


  • Rauchverbot
  • Toa
  • Food & Drink
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Brons

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