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Högbonden Lighthouse & Hostel
Det här företaget har BRONS-medlemskap i Höga Kusten Turism och uppfyller högt ställda krav på sin verksamhet.

A unique accommodation in the old lighthouse, an atmosphere filled with peace and tranquility, high above the clashing waves of the Gulf of Bothnia. You cannot find an accommodation that is as close to nature and has beautiful and exciting surroundings.
The youth hostel has 28 beds in total. 22 of them are in the lighthouse keepers house and 6 of them are in the garden house, where you can even bring your household pets.
There is a kitchen for own use and shower rooms available in the lighthouse keepers house. There is also a Bio-toilet (MullToa) in the garden with a fantastic view over the sea.

Conference room and sauna is available on request.
If you prefer to prepare your own food, you need to do your shopping on the main land. There are no shops on Högbonden. However; there is a garden café that is open daily during the high season.

There is a place available for those who would like to have a barbecue. In that case make sure to bring charcoal and lighter fluid with you.

Keep in mind that Högbonden is an high and steep little island. It would be wise to pack a backpack!

You can travel to Högbonden by taking the boat from Barsta and Bönhamn. There are several round-trips to and from the island during the high season. It is operated by M/S Ronja, which is owned by Högakusten Båtarna AB. Reservations can be made online at www.hkship.se or you can ring (+46) 0613-105 50.

Price per person / return: 200 SEK
Price per person / single: 100 SEK
Price children (1 - 12 year) return: 70 SEK
Price children (1 - 12 year) single: 50 SEK


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