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Hotel Kramm has conference rooms for meetings in the middle of Norrland.
Complete conference halls of different sizes and an extra elegant boardrooms. With our 111 rooms and a total of 200 beds, we are a wise choice for meetings in both large and small scale, especially when the participants are spread out in the region of Sundsvall-Östersund- Umeå. We can offer conference packages from 5 to 200 people.

The 200 beds are divided into single-, double-, triple rooms and mini-suites. All rooms are equipped with TV, wireless internet, telephone, kettle, hairdryer, toilet and shower / tub.

Wheelchair accessible
We have four rooms that are a bit more suited for the disabled.

Free parking, around 25 parking spaces outside the hotel.

- Wireless Internet
- Projector in Ångermanland hall, Kramm 1 and Kramm 2
- Audio system in Kramm 1 and Kramm 2
- Whiteboard
- Flipboard
- TV in Uttern
- Overhead in Ångermanland hall, Kramm 1, Kramm 2 and Klubben
- Conference Block & pens
- Copy machine
- Gym
- Sauna
- Fully licensed bar

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