A hidden gem sometimes referred to as Skuleskogen's "little brother" who has a lot to offer. Beautiful nature to walk in with nice tours through varied nature. Here are many of the characters that characterize the World Heritage area High Coast.

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On the peninsula between Näskefjärden and Nätrafjärden there is a highland and beautiful nature area. If you follow the hilly path through the reserve, you will be offered several magnificent views. From the viewpoints you can look out to sea and straight towards Slåttdalsskrevan in Skuleskogen.

Varying nature with hilly landscape, cobblestone fields, with small coves and headlands that take you around Stortjärnen which is beautifully situated on the mountain. There are also bogs and stone slabs, partly paved. This is a hidden gem in the High Coast, so be ready for beautiful untouched nature!

At Stortjärnen there is a rest area!

There are two loops in the reserve.
Rundslinga - 4 km
Stortjärnen Around: about 1.5 km

Photo: Västernorrland County Administrative Board