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HUNDraelvan have a long history as a school, refugee camps, community-hall and home.
In 2005 , the doors opened for the current day's activities ,with the possibility of affordable accommodation for guests ,combined with a training center for dog lovers.
There are several cozy rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a large bathroom , which of course is accessible by wheelchair.

The hostel where the entire flock welcome - including accompanying pets. They don't strive to offer glittering chandeliers and champagne, but a highly personal "Dog-Culture house" where most of the interior fittings are related to man's best friend. Wood stove, hardwood floors and fireplaces contribute to a high comfort factor. In addition, there's a study-hall for smaller conferences.

There's usually plenty of space during weekdays. On weekends, they often arranged courses during the summer.

There is great personal commitment and the owner is happy to help with different tasks, such as booking catering or finding other "gems" in the area.
For the dogs' well-being, there is the activation tips, access to agility obstacles and much more.

HUNDraelvan is registered as a hostel business. This means that you bring your own bedding and clean out your room before leaving.

They often organizes dog courses, visit the website for more information


  • Angepasst für Körperbehinderte
  • Kinder freundlich
  • Rauchverbot
  • Selvhusholdning
  • 24 Stunden Check-In
  • Waschgelegenheit
  • Behindertenparkplatz
  • Parkplatz für Bus
  • Parkplatz
  • Sheets and towels can be rented
  • Gemeinschaftsküche
  • Gemeinsame Toilette
  • Kabelloser Internetanschluss
  • Konferenzräume
  • Haustiere erlaubt
  • Möglichkeiten zum Wäsche Trocknen (Wäscheleine)