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Lotsstugan is an unique venue. Here you can undisturbed gather for planning, pep talk, courses and conferences. Each group is exclusive guests and have the entire facility to themselves with a full service, comfortable accommodations and great meals. Open year round.

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Anzahl der Konferenzräume : 4

Antal grupprum : 5

Max antal konferensdeltagare : 35

Max antal i biosittning : 35

Totalt antal bäddar för konferensgäster : 20

Antal personer i största lokal : 35

We tailor activities according to your wishes. Anything is possible almost. The most booked activities is the hot tub on the rocks outside the sauna, cooking gourmet dinner with professional chef and various tastings of wine, cheese, whiskey, chocolate and so on.

We have a great love for food and all the cooking at Lotsstugan. The food is based on high quality raw materials, with particular specialties for different seasons. 80% of ingredients are organic or from local suppliers. Lotsstugan have full rights. We are also co-author of a popular cookbook.

  • Parkplatz


Lotsstugant is located on the cliffs outside Härnösand and can be easily reached by car all year round. We tailor the meetings according to your wishes. Leave your requests to get the prize. We will charge for at least 7 people, even if you are less.

We have three conference rooms in Lotsstugan and there is room for table and rollups.

Due to the fact that we are located in the High Coast on the rocks, it is not wheelchair friendly. However, you can reach the house and enter it. The house is on two floors with no elevator .

Lotsstugan has space for 16 cars in the parking lot located 75-200 m from the cottage.

- Wireless Internet
- Projector
- Sound system : yes in big and red conference rooms
- Whiteboard
- Flipboard
- TV
- Overhead
- Conference Pads & pens
- Video Opportunity: yes
- No gym, but a fantastic nature around us.
- Sauna
- Hot tubs
- Bar