Österåsens Healthcenter

At Österåsen Hälsohem (Health center) you can enjoy a healthy vegetarian meal. The chefs are amazing, and guests are often amazed at the incredible dishes you can produce from vegetarian foods.

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Stunden : Breakfast: 8am Lunch 12- 1pm Dinner: 5pm-6pm


We are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
For breakfast, you can choose between porridge, processed sour-milk or yoghurt.
You can also choose from lots of different cereal, seeds, bread, cold cuts, fruits, berries, eggs and more.

At lunch, a lovely colorful vegetarian buffé appears. We also serve one main-course each day.

Dinner consists of a tasty vegetable buffé, hot soop and homemade bread with various topping.

You are more than welcome to visit our restaurant, regardless if you're staying at the Health Center or not.
We are open most days, some weekends might be closed or booked, which is why it's so important that you always call us and make a reservation. If you require specialdiet be sure to call us the day before (the same goes with allergies)

To book a table for a few people: +46 0620 - 573 40
For groups: +46 0620 573 00/573 05